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Series: Riders, Book 2
Genre: Romance
Tags: erotic romance, hot romance, Recommended Books, steamy romance
Length: Novella

Their hot encounter is playing on his mind. He persuades her out on a date and she agrees on one condition... her little sister rides chaperone. A changing of mindset starts to happen... they stand at the crossroads....

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About the Book

Joshua has screwed up big time. he knows he has a mountain to climb to redeem himself.
He is in no mans land with Tiffany and needs to behave himself when he’s around her, to prove he’s not just obsessed with getting in her underwear again. A date at the creek to watch the sunset. Kinda romantic, he feels. It all seems perfect. Even if her little sister is tagging along.
His day ends with an undercurrent of menace in the air. Problems he has to deal with and plans to resolve.

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