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Road To Ruin

Road To Ruin
Kindle unlimtedeBook: $1.29
Series: Riders, Book 1
Genre: Romance
Tags: erotic romance, hot romance, Recommended Books, steamy romance
Length: Novella

A steam filled encounter at work leaves Tiffany stunned. But she ain't going where her moma went... oh no.. way too smart for that....

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About the Book

Tiffany has plans. She has her life mapped out and wants to make something of herself.
Working in the bar is just a temporary job while she’s on vacation.
When she meets Joshua Lyle her whole world tilts on its axis.
He’s the most wantable, hottest guy she’s ever seen.
Sparks fly between them.
But she doesn’t want to go there, for several VERY good reasons.
He’s the road to ruin. And she’s seen what that can do to a girl.

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