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Short Romance

Moved By You

Moved By You

$8.95eBook: $2.99

She wants a someone who ticks all the boxes on her 7 point checklist.
He wants non committed fun with blondes.
They have strict rules. With each other, and with their best friends.
Best friends are forbidden fruit.
But forbidden fruit are too hard to resist...

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Latent Love

Latent Love


When Carrie attended a client's party she had no idea her life was about to become changed forever. From first sight the impossibly handsome Daniel targeted her and she couldn't understand why, until....

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Mister Right – Millionaire Boss Romance Novella

Mister Right – Millionaire Boss Romance Novella

$0.99eBook: $0.00

Sweet 'n Spicy Romance.
Kelly was engaged to marry Ashton. The doubts she was experiencing as the big day approached were just fear and a natural reaction. Or so she hoped.
Ryan Carstair, the MD of her company, was just a rich and handsome guy to crush on, until they became much better acquainted at the company conference.
Being with Ryan for those few days opened her eyes, and her heart.
Realisation dawned and she faced the difficult end of her engagement.
But Ryan was leaving for Australia in a few weeks.
They had no time for love to bloom... and Ryan was playing it very cool... but still Kelly couldn't help but hope...

**What to expect - Sweet and spicy romance - some profanity - medium heat non graphic.

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