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I’ve just released TRADING HEARTS. This is a free book for a week. It’s a heady tale of love and lust in a trading room. And as always, theres a good backstory.

I’m so pleased at the results of this release. I had 2000 downloads in two days and whipped up to the heady heights of 150 in the charts (45 in Contemporary Romance). I sincerely hope t have more readers from this for my brand new release coming up soon. Stay tuned for that. You’re gonna love it.

My thanks to all who downloaded my FREEBIE and I sincerely hope you love this sizzling story.  

This book was originally published as Hot Options, then as Big Deal, but I always felt something was missing from the whole shebang. First came a better, sizzling cover. My thanks to Ran from DESIGNRANS at Fiverr who does the most amazing work for me lately. I love him dearly.  Then came a complete rewrite. The editing process took me months and I had some professional help fine tuning the content. It’s a much soother, sexier read now. 

Let me know your thoughts. Email or contact me however you like. I’d love to hear from you.


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